Serenity Malibu LLC

Acknowledging that one has a problem is the first step towards recovery. Problem is many alcoholics and drug abusers are tentative to take that pivotal first step because they don’t know what to expect. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing, which is why Serenity Malibu, an addiction recovery center located in Malibu, California, customizes its care to each individual. Led by world renowned businessman and CEO Don Varden, Serenity eases its patients through the exceedingly difficult processes of detoxification and rehabilitation by providing them with a picturesque healing environment and a concoction of proven treatment methods.

From blue collar workers to top level executives, people from all walks of life seek help from the professionals at Serenity Malibu. Before treatment begins each patient receives a thorough medical assessment. Designed to diagnose the magnitude and cause of addiction, the assessment is used to come up with a personalized recovery plan. Each week the plan is reevaluated and tweaked in accordance with the patient’s response.

The level of one-on-one care offered at Serenity Malibu is unparalleled within the industry. Believing that the reason most addicts relapse is because they only receive generalized treatment, Varden spent countless hours devising a program that would allow the patient to feel comfortable in a foreign setting. Concluding that the most effective recovery plans are ones in which patients can identify the underlying cause of their addiction, Varden employed professional psychologists and psychiatrists to work individually with patients.

The results of Serenity Malibu’s treatment programs have been nothing short of extraordinary. Boasting one of the highest success rates in the country, patients who pass through Serenity’s doors leave feeling invigorated, focused and ready to begin life anew. Acknowledging that graduates can be prone to relapses, the staff at Serenity Malibu sets up an aftercare program for each of its former patients, which also includes a weekly alumni conference call.

Thanks to Serenity Malibu and CEO Don Varden, patients are not only recovering from their ailments – they’re redefining their lives.