Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don Varden – Seasons in Malibu LLC

Just the name Seasons in Malibu makes one think of swaying palm trees, gorgeous views and engaging outdoor activities. And that’s exactly what one can expect at CEO Don Varden’s serene and modern addiction treatment center. Designed to help patients struggling with alcoholism and drug dependency, Seasons in Malibu combines a welcoming staff with proven treatment methods to facilitate the recovery of its patients.

Don Varden’s mission for Seasons was to offer a place where patients can heal from the inside out; a place that provides them with the hope that they will no longer have to depend on harmful substances to get through another day. Additionally, Varden did not wish to discriminate against addicts restricted by budgetary limitations, nor did he want them to be indebted to the institution for the rest of their lives. Thus, the comprehensive amenities and personalized care are offered for a price that falls well within the average person’s budget. Going further, those who call Seasons’ admission department and decide to sign up within 30 minutes are treated to free airfare from anywhere in the United States, proving once again that Don Varden places the person above the profit. 

Located in the heart of Malibu, some would mistake Seasons in Malibu for a luxury resort, not a medical facility for those suffering through a crisis. Yet Seasons’ offers an inclusive treatment program that begins with a full medical assessment of the patient. Once the underlying cause has been identified, the healing can begin. Don Varden believes that one-on-one group therapy sessions help patients feel more at comfortable, thus each patient at Seasons’ has the opportunity to express themselves to a trained professional. They are also encouraged to participate in numerous physical and mental exercises.

Patients who graduate from Seasons in Malibu are ready to begin a new journey, but just because they have finished the program doesn’t mean the process is complete. Therefore, the staff at Seasons’ provides patients with an aftercare program designed to keep them on the right path.

It’s amazing how just one person can change the lives of many. Don Varden has managed to accomplish this by granting those suffering the perils of addiction the chance to begin their lives anew. 

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