Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don Varden – International Bullion Exchange

As the Managing Director of the International Bullion Exchange (IBE), Don Varden sees to it that the company offers its clients an environment where they can purchase precious metals at a competitive rate. Gold bullion is quite arguably the most stable form of currency in the world. Virtually unaffected by difficult economic times, gold is a real tangible asset that is recognized by every country throughout the world. Acknowledging the need for a portal where individuals could invest in gold bullion and other precious metals in a secure and affordable fashion, a team of industry professionals, Varden among them, founded the IBE.

Offering access to a wide variety of numismatic and modern issue coins at a rate that is significantly lower than the competition, the IBE provides its clients with a multitude of services designed to help them make informed, profitable decisions. Known for its fantastic financing options, the IBE grants its clients 5 to 1 leverage on all precious metal purchases. In addition, all precious metals are stored in secure depositories and banks.

The IBE differentiates itself from other bullion distributors through its stellar customer service. Investors are encouraged to address any of their concerns with one of IBE’s certified professionals. By maintaining close contact with its clients, IBE provides them with a sense of comfort not often found in the investment industry.

Investors seeking the biggest possible return on their investment are encouraged to set up an appointment with an IBE expert. Whether an investor is seeking a quick turnaround or long term stability, IBE will provide them with a plan intended to optimize their return.

Most importantly, clients can rest easy knowing that their money is in safe and competent hands. All too often, investment companies disconnect themselves from their clients. But Don Varden has made a career out of helping others achieve their aims. In addition to being the CEO of several addiction recovery centers in California, Varden is also a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). Seeking to protect those associated with the bullion industry, Varden’s membership proves above all that he is passionate about his craft.

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